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Cum să pictezi rapid o cameră

How to Paint a Room Fast?? Yes, it is one of the most common questions, painting experts, or interested homeowners are frequently asking. Painting a room like a pro is not just another household work that you can do it easily. It takes lots of practice that makes a person a professional painter, and by doing it, they are living.

So, if you are a house owner and trying to paint your room professionally, then the best recommendation is to hire a professional painter and let them do their job. However, painting your own room is also a matter of expertise, as well as indeed an experience every classic people would do.

How to Paint a Room Fast with a pro looking Output

Now that we have our goal here, which has two individual parts. The first one is the learning part, how to paint a room. The second part is, mastering the process to perform it as experts do. If you can learn the process, then you will be able to achieve a pro-quality out of it. Our step by step process guide is precisely designed to assist you so that you can master it like a pro.

If you are enthusiastic about experiencing new things and want to paint your room by yourself, then you need to learn and understand the process. We are sharing the easiest method to learn how to paint a room fast like a pro. Follow our step by step guide, and you will enjoy your painting if you do so.

Step 01: Prepare your wall and ceiling

The first thing to do while you are starting is preparing your wall or the place you want to paint perfectly for painting. Now, there are some processes you need to follow to prepare your room for painting. Let’s take a look at them.

=> Start with cleaning the surface very well that every scratch, dent, holes, dark marks, and all other marks can be seen well.

=> Use sandpaper for rubbing the surface and prevent all the previous paintings marks and woodwork marks.

=> Clean hole correctly so that the filler can stick well and then grab some filler and fill all the holes appropriately.

=> Use a trisodium phosphate cleaner and a piece of sponge to clean dents, dark marks, scratches.

=> After cleansing, apply a final wet wash on the surface so that, then, it gets entirely prepared for the paint.

Step 02: Tint the Primer

Tint the Primer on the wall, and the meaning is, applying a coat of wall putty so that the marks of any cracks, holes, dent would cover, and your final paint shine better. It will also decrease the number of coating usually needed to finish the painting. Here are some benefits it will do.

=> It will block everything staining from bleeding through.

=> The Primer will also allow one-coat as a coverage for the final paint.

=> It will improve paint grip, which prominently decreases blisters and peeling

How to Paint a Room Fast | paintint |
How to Paint a Room Fast | painting 

Step 03: Choose the Color

Picking the right color according to your preference is not an easy task to accomplish. If you cannot choose the right color for your home, then you may have difficulties living in that house. There are different shaded colors you can find in the market.

At first, you need to determine which kind of color you want as well as what do you expect from it in your room. Should the shade has to be warm or cold, as well as should it be neutral or saturated? If there are designed furniture in your room, then the paint must match with them. Otherwise, the room may not as pleasant as you want.

After choosing them now, you can make a list of the shades and collect their sample. After receiving the samples, now you should test it how it looks at different times of the day and night. It will help you to choose the perfect shade for your room.

Step 04: Prepare Your Equipment

There are a few things required for painting. Before starting the process, you need to have them with you. There are some common paint tools in which you will see that every kind of painting work needs. However, depending on your painting specifications, you may also need some unique tools that will be used in your painting. Below is the equipment list, which you should have with you while painting your room.

=> Paint

=> Paint roller

=> Paint roller extension pole

=> Drop cloths

=> Paintbrushes

=> Paint tray

=> Sandpaper

=> Painter’s tape

=> Rags

=> Putty knife

Step 05: Prepare your Painting Colors

After the steps, as mentioned above, now, you need to prepare your colors to start the painting. However, in preparation, there are two tasks you must do it properly.

The first one is calculating the amount of color you will need to complete the painting of the entire area where you want to paint. Now, this is important to do the math very carefully if you’re going to keep your investment minimal. Purchasing more or less than the required quantity is both, but how? Okay, let’s explain, if you are buying more, then it will be wasted, which will increase an unwanted cost.

On the other hand, if you purchase less, then you will be in shortage. Now, if you again buy and prepare the color for painting, it will increase the duration of painting, which also makes you feel frustrating.

Now the second part of the preparation is to open the paint cans and clean the top part. Though the painting color comes intact then also sometimes you need to clean up the top portion and then mix the necessary ingredient with it.

Step 06: Decide your Painting Technique

Now in this step, you need to decide which technique you will follow for your painting. There are several painting methods available which experts are using for their professional projects. However, we are going to share the best and the most used way for you below.

=> At first, start with the trimmed corners and paint them.

=> At second, Start painting the ceiling.

=> At third, paint the wall at last.

Step 07: Process of the Painting

During the painting, if you feel confused or not satisfied, then paint again. You do not want that after a month or week, your paint looks odd to you, and you feel sad for it. So, without hesitating about anything, paint again the part you want to make better.

If you find out that some paint remains after the painting for the day, and you need those colors for next day painting. Do not hesitate to keep the paint for further use; just make sure that it does not hold it because if they get hard, then you may not want to use it again.

Move every drop of paints if it remains on the surface; otherwise, you may not be able to remove it without exploiting the color.

How to Paint a Room Fast |
How to Paint a Room Fast | 

Step 08: Let the Paint Dry Overnight

Now let the paint dry for a while so that it can be exposed well in the daylight. The drying process is very crucial; do not forget to let the air come to the room. Remember to open the ventilator. It will allow the air and the light to enter the room and help to dry the painting.

Understand these before start painting (pro tips)

Last but not least, here are some winning pro tips for you if you are painting your own house for the first time,

=> You have believed that it is your first time, and you have a lot to understand and learn.

=> Pick a small surface and practice applying our eight steps method on it.

=> Once you master, then go for the whole room or house.

=> Check reviews and quality of the tools you want to use or purchase.


We are at the end of our discussion of how to paint a room fast. We believe that if you follow our instructions, then you will get a marvelous output when the painting will finish and dried completely. Do not forget; you can always take help from the professional painters. You can enjoy the painting process, and they will serve you the design you want to see in your room.