5 Tips for repairing the window frame: what to do and what to avoid?

When we say windows, most of us have a hard time recognizing frames. But what he doesn't realize is that windows are nothing without a reasonable framework. So when it comes to repairing a window, don't avoid the frame.

And for this reason, here are 5 tips for repairing the window frame to make it easier for you to repair. By following the tips, you can not only repair the frames, but you can save a fortune in the future.

5 Tips for repairing the window frame

1. Define your needs

Before any repair, it is essential to determine your needs and expectations for the future carpentry. There are several reasons why you should replace the old window frame. These expectations can help you define the most appropriate way and material for the window frame.

2. Make a diagnosis with a professional

When replacing the frame, two methods are possible: total removal or renovation of the existing window frame. The choice depends on the condition and material of the old frame.

Total removal will allow you to maximize the surface area of the glass to bring more light inside. On the contrary, renovating the existing window frame will not bring any change. But renovation will require much less dense work.


This allows you not to touch the walls. Restoration does not affect wallpapers, paintings and earthenware in your rooms.

in the distance

During a complete replacement, the complete carpentry is replaced. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all components from the window.

3. Choice of designs and materials to be used

PVC gives a sober and elegant look. Wood a traditional atmosphere. aluminum achieves a modern design. For more information on styles for your home, talk to the experts. But remember to choose something that works perfectly and looks good too.

4. Remove mold and fungus (on the wall around the window frame)

This problem is affecting more and more customers. The reasons are -

- Lack of adequate ventilation.

- Cold room (cold room)

- Humidity

- The thermal bridge

The only way to remove the bridges is to insulate these places with, for example, polystyrene. Remember that we should put insulation from the cold, ie from the outside. In the absence of insulation from the outside, we insulate from the apartment.

5. Follow an appropriate repair method with expert advice.

If you notice damaged window frames and seek expert advice, you will often hear a wide range of opinions and methods. Especially with wooden frames, a repair attempt is always recommended.

Mainly, only wood is repairable. Aluminum and plastic window frames cracked, bent or deformed can rarely be repaired. In some cases, the function can be restored by adjusting or replacing accessories. The most aluminum or the plastic windows must be glazed and new frames must be fitted.

Once all these choices have been made, all you have to do is plan to work with your professional. Take advantage of the recently renovated accommodation.

How to repair a window frame?

Repairing windows on wooden windows is often possible. The damage must be analyzed in detail and, if necessary, exposed. Rotten and rotten frame parts can be replaced with repair wood insert. Cracks and dry holes are filled with wood cement.

Necessary materials:

  • Wood filling
  • Replacement wood
  • Wood adhesive
  • Possibly polyurethane or resin.
  • Abrasives 400 gr
  • Saw
  • Clamps
  • Wooden spatula
  • Wooden chisel
  • Hairdryer
  • Grinding machine or grinding block

1. Disconnect the window frame:

Unscrew the connection between the outer frame and the window frame. Remove the safety pins from the hinges and lift the leaves from the frame.

2. Check for damage:

Look for any damage and see if there is moisture, mold or mildew on the frame. You need to expose and remove these points by cutting, trimming or trimming. In case of low humidity, complete drying with a hair dryer may be sufficient.

3. Replace the wood:

If you need to replace more substantial parts of the frame, you can cut the replacement wood similarly to a profile. Glue the pieces on both sides to the window frame. Make sure that the connection to the masonry is not damaged.

4. Fill the wood putty:

Scratches, cracks and smaller holes without moisture can be filled with wood cement. Grease the wood cement with a wooden spatula according to the manufacturer's instructions for the cavities.

5. Sanding and sealing:

When the wood glue or wood putty has dried, grind all the unevenness with 400 gr sandpaper.

Tips and tricks

If a preliminary repair is sufficient for you, you can repair damaged frames with polyurethane or resins. It will give you enough time to buy new windows soon.

When is it necessary to replace and adjust the fittings?

Difficulty smoothing opening and closing:

Maybe you just need to clean and lubricate the frame fittings, but a more severe reason may arise.

Leaf relaxation or inclination, loss of:

Inspection, adjustment and, if necessary, replacement of hinges and adjacent nodes.

Damage to the handle:

One of the easiest problems to solve when it comes to the framework itself. However, more severe problems are possible because the entire opening / closing system is connected to it.

Click when the window is closed:

The reason could be both in the worn seal and in the mechanism itself

Bottom line

Repairing the window frame is a delicate operation, which sooner or later happens to face. It doesn't matter if you have PVC, wood or aluminum window frames. Prolonged use, as with all things, causes window wear.

Regular professional maintenance can help avoid this danger. But if it happens in general, we must have a permanent solution. Call yourselves reliable window repairer who will come to fix our window frames.

However, what to do if we need a little repair during this quarantine period? Follow these 5 Tips for repairing window frames and enjoy the window a little more.

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