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Building your own dream home with a gorgeous design is now accessible to everyone. Everyone wants to live a magnificent life in a wonderful house. We are working to offer you this experience through our extraordinary construction services.

Constructiicivile is one of the most popular construction services provided based in Bucharest, Romania, we offer all kinds of construction services, including, consolidated construction, missionary work, plumbing work, electrical work, plumbing, etc.

Building your dream homes

We have in-depth work experience in the construction of houses, villas or blocks of flats, commercial or industrial constructions, as well as attractive interior and exterior design. We are experts in plastering, plastering, painting, processing in Bucharest.

Innovation, creativity in this industry is growing day by day. Usually, consumers are general people who invest the money they earn to build their dream home for themselves - they now develop a design along with the restraint of creativity and innovation that consumers can see in the first place. However, they can idolize and experience peace and happiness using our services.

Now, according to our years of experience, we have seen that everyone has their thoughts about the house where they want to spend their lives. To deliver the design based on their explanation of their dream is much more difficult to start from a blank slate.

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We hope that our designers are experienced and creative in understanding the client's thoughts to produce structural and architectural designs for them. Our selling point for users is that we do not offer an excessive price for our services, as well as that we offer the best quality service, which our consumers are amazed to experience in their dream home.

Our service includes reinforced concrete, masonry, plaster, painting and configuration of wooden window, wooden door, wooden window and wooden door. Industrial and commercial projects are also in our areas of expertise. We have ongoing projects, and some of them are waiting to reach their owners.

If you have any questions, then you can contact us and schedule a meeting with our experienced engineers and architects and consult the project with them. However, it is not surprising that many people do not have plans. Just have a moment, share it with us, we will turn it into a beautiful project and we will offer it to you as your dream in hand within the set time. the contract.

HandyMan professional

From evaluating the exhaust fan to reviewing the attic space and cleaning the cooling coils to give you a safe life.

24/7 services

If you are in an emergency, please do not worry. We offer services 24/7. Whenever you call, we offer you services.

Accessible price

We do more than just a renovation service - we check if the discards need attention to keep you safe and save you money.


Blocks for various purposes are now used by people. However, they like the custom design and made blocks for the lawn, the outdoor arena of their home. We have custom designers just to serve customers who need design assistance exclusively for their blocks. Contact us to discuss what and how you want your blocks to be. It's completely free and you'll have the opportunity to discuss your idea with our experienced block designers.      

Our expertise in the construction industry

Construction is one of the most expert construction service provider in Bucharest. We have a large customer base who are satisfied with our services. However, our expertise is as follows,

=> We have experience in the activity of civil and construction services provider for more than 20 years now.

=> Our engineers are reputed to be the best engineers in Bucharest.

=> We have the potential to deliver the project according to customer requirements.

=> We are an optimized budget company that customers often love to work with.

=> Our expertise strategy and planning for each individual project allows us to deliver the project according to the agreement.

=> Our engineers are friendly but professional with customers, so customers can work comfortably with us.

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“The Advantages of Building HomeWithConstructionCivil Buildings”

Our service offers the highest quality in both technical and structural innovation. Our logistics support experts and experienced engineers are qualified to provide the best services to our customers. We work in accordance with our work process which makes us one step ahead of everyone in this industry.

The seven steps of our process to achieve your dream

The trip begins when our client contacts us or our representative contacts the client and schedules a meeting with us. After the communication starts, our process initiates the project with each individual client in which we get involved.

Final discussion

During the meeting, we will discuss the details of the project and appoint an individual expert in structure and construction, as well as a design engineer, to understand what our client wants. After listening to the client's request, we will ask them to allow us to submit a proposal.

Submission of the proposal

After the final discussion and request for the proposal, we will develop a proposal according to the client's recommendations. We will make our proposal keeping the client's budget, because we do not want our client to be stressed because of the budget. After the proposal is developed by our experts, we will analyze it and finalize the proposal before submission. Once we complete the proposal, then we will send the proposal to our client and we will start communicating with our client if there is any customization that they want to reformulate or add or remove on the proposal.

The contract

After submitting the proposal, the client will decide whether to offer us the project or not. We will discuss and negotiate the budget if there is any scope or request from the client. After negotiating and finalizing the project, we will prepare a contract and sign both parties, as well as complete all necessary formalities.

Design - optional

Project design is not mandatory, the client can arrange the design or we can do the design part if the client wants us to do it. However, to start working in action, we need to design the structure.

Assembly of finishing details

We offer a detailed work plan, breaking down each part of the construction process. So that our client has a real idea of the progress of his project over time. We offer them interior and exterior design suggestions, architectural recommendations to make their project more beautiful.

Internal processes

After all the above considerations are completed, then we will start processing our internal steps to start the project as soon as possible. The management of all types of equipment, including their transport, training of engineers and other necessary workforce is included in the internal process.

Construction process - duration

After completing the entire previous process to start the construction process, we will start the project in action. We will update our client at every stage of the project progress. So that client doesn't have to worry about how their projects are going. It is essential to keep track of progress, because you deliver the project on time and no one can handle it without monitoring.

Contact us if you have a house, commercial or industrial project

It will take less than a few minutes to complete the contact form below. Our CSR team will answer your question as soon as possible. We will also contact you within three business days to hear your draft. If possible, we will arrange a meeting with you so that we can continue the professional discussion.


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