20 House Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy (2020)

20 House Cleaning Hacks This Wi I Will Make Your Life Easy (2020)

A healthy environment keeps our mind fresh and keeps our bo and healthy. We all have to party considerabl time is in our house and now in this pandemic situation we spend more 24/7 in our ho e. Literally we are stuck in our house. so , if we want to stay healthy and strong, we must be clean and at the same time we also have to clean our house.

Maybe you are house cleaning services near you b ut We think it is useless. You do not need any cleaning or housekeeping services. Since we spend all day at home, we can easily clean our own house if we want. Here in this article, we will give you 20 house cleaning hacks to make your cleaning easier. After reading this article, you will want to know these hacks faster.

20 house cleaning hacks that will make your life easier

Everyone has to clean their house every day. So if you use some hacks in your cleaning, it will make your task easier. Not you must not hire any cleaning service. Anyway, here are the top 20 cleaning hacks that should them you know:

First hack: Always keep your light ones clean

The first thing you can do to keep you going clean the house it always keeps you going clean carpets because carpets help to cleaning the dirt and legs all . Practically the dirt comes with people on their feet outside. If you can stop it, your house will be less confusing .

The second hack: Use lemon to clean the garbage

You can use different detergents and many other things to clean garbage from anywhere in the house. In this case, you can use lemon to clean it. Just like your sink would have become dirty and you used different types of detergents for this but you may not find the best results. If you use lemon there, you will definitely get the best result with a fresh smell.

Third hack: Pick up small pieces of broken glass with bread

You can use bread to pick up small pieces of broken glass instead of using your hand ecause exists huge possibilities to get pain Here you have to to iei o A piece of bread and press it on the broken glass and the rest m will make the bread you took.

Fourth hack: Use sponge to clean microwave

I would ponge is a product of clean excellent Bacteria grow in the microwave in blocked foods. At that time you can easily clean all this with a sponge. Otherwise there are ha a great possibility of bacteria stay in the microwave. 

Fifth Hack: Wipe the scratches from your dishes

After use of several days dishes may have some scratches from knife or fork. You can easily remove scratches with Sodium bicarbonate. It is simple to make new dishes using this. You need to make a paste of baking soda and water and then hit it in scratches. Then you have to rinse it. After that, you will notice that the scratches are gone.

Sixth hack: remove raw or blocked foods from pots and pans

Don't have soap or cleaning products for pots and pans? Do not worry. Tu Wil I have he certainly had rhubarb in the fridge or your garden. Add a few rhubarb sticks to the pot. Then add a little water with them and cook for five minutes. After cooling the water, wipe your dishes. Everything will be clean.

Seventh hack: Clean your carpet with inegar

You can clean your carpet stained with vinegar. You need to mix vinegar with water in 1: 3 report then apply it on the spot. Then cover the place with a damp cloth and steam with an iron. 

Eighth Hack: Clean tea chop ping board

After Utting something on board chopping, you need to clean this. The most of people use dishwasher or detergent for cleaning Chopper. But if you can clean it with fresh lemon, you will surely be satisfied.

Ninth hack: Use simple ingredients to unleash your sink

In general people use different washers to unclog the sink. But we can say that you will get the best result and f you can use some vinegar and baking soda unclogging the sink. It is definitely the most powerful washing machine.

Tenth hack: Disinfect your keyboard

It would be useful if you always keep it clean keyboard at least in this pandemic situation. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health tested several random keyboards in 2018, and found that they contained strains of many harmful bacteria from Bacillus to Staphylococcus aureus. Therefore, always keep the keys and mouse clean with disinfectant spray.

Elevenh Hack: Steam to clean the oven with microwave

Really, you will spend a lot of time cleaning the microwave. You can use different types of cleaning products for this. It is hack incredible to use M ake a steamy medium in the oven, and then you can easily clean your oven.

Twel th Hack: Use vinegar to clean the coffee filter

A c offee maker is one of those more used thing in our daily lives. That's why it should always be clean. Here you can use vinegar to easily cleans your coffee machine Otherwise some bacteria and many other germs can affect your coffee and , into the finally , on your. 

Thirteenth hack: Make sure the blender cleans itself

We have to use blender every day. After each use, you should clean it correct . Here is the hack just put hot water in blender and then turn on the blender. After mixing for 50 to 60 seconds, it will be automatically cleaned. Then you need to delete it correctly.

14th Hack: Clean mold stains with vodka

If you have mold in the toilet, it can be a cause of different types of diseases. You will be able to clean it easily if you have a bottle of vodka. In fact, there is no need to use a bottle full of vodka in it. Just fill a spray bottle with 50-50 vodka and water. Then apply to mold stains. Then leave it for 10 minutes and then wipe it.

Fifteenth Hack: Clean your shower head with vinegar

You may notice some on the spot on the showerhead. You can easily delete it using white vinegar. I have to f and ll a bag of white vinegar attach it to the shower head, and leave for overnight. In the morning, you will get a spotless shower head.

Sixteenth Hack: Clean your mattress with baking soda

You do not have powder of detergent the home? You can clean up mattress without her. You must to vacuum the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. Then apply baking soda to the mattress and leave it for a few hours. After that, aspirate it again. We hope you get the solution you want. 

Seventeenth Hack: Clean the shower door with lemon and salt

O d Irty shower door is very easy to clean by using lemon juice and salt. You have to cut a lemon and soak it in salt. Then rub it on the door and then wipe it. You will definitely get the best result.

The 18th Hack: Clean the tub with grapefruit and salt

The best way to clean a bathtub is through cleaning with grapefruit and salts This grapefruit works amazingly ly into the the case of cleaning tubs. The mixture of citric acid and salt is the best washer. You have to cut a grapefruit, cover it with salt and then rub it. Your bathtub will be slightly clean.

19th Century Hack: Remove the silver rust with toothpaste

Even if you don't have a silver washer, you can wipe away the rust any silver vessels you have. You need to apply toothpaste to the affected area and rub it. You can use soft toothbrush for this. After you do this, you will get one rust-free silver bowl .

Twente th Hack: Clean the windows with newspaper

There are some disadvantages into the cleaning the windows with a paper towel. It would be best if you cleaned it with a newspaper. It is the easiest and at the same time the cheapest solution for everyone.

In short

Keeping a house clean pare c limbing on Mountai Undoubtedly, this is a very complex task. Then again we need to we do it every day. I worked anyway with this cleanliness for a long time. However, we will not clean your house but we know a few cleaning hacks you don't know, and these hacks can make your life easier.

In this article I gave those hacks- hate to make it easier to clean your house. Mainly here we had a detailed discussion about 20 house cleaning hacks We hope this article you will be very beneficial.

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