What to do when AC Compressor is not working B ut fan is Running

What to do when the AC Compressor does not work but the fan is working

Does your AC not work as usual, even though the fan is working? Does the fan blow hot air into the room? If so, then the AC compressor may not work properly. You may experience such problems once a year.

But understanding this problem and knowing about the problems can help a lot. You will be able to save up to $ 500 and save them for the next occasion. Here, in this article, we will let you know why this is happening and how to fix it.

The AC compressor does not work, but the fan works

First, we will say what a current compressor alternative is, and how it works. This will help us to understand the problems behind this problem and solve them later.

What does an AC compressor do?

A compressor generally compresses the air to cool it. A refrigerant comes like hot gas into the compressor, and the compressor compresses it. Eventually, the gas comes out of the compressor under high pressure. Then the freon passes through the condensing coil and the heat reliefs. Thus, the gas cools and becomes liquid.

After that, the expansion valve turns the liquid into a gas, and through this process, the refrigerant becomes stronger. Now the Freon passes through the evaporation coil. Here the wind fan blows in the evaporation spiral, and the cool air comes out. As a result, refrigerant it gradually warms up again and enters the compressor and the process is repeated.

So a compressor does the following work-

  1. Run freon through the coil.
  2. Compresses the refrigerant which comes from the evaporation tube. Therefore, the gas Freon becomes the strongest and can release heat due to the temperature difference with nature. Thu s moving heat compressor from home to outside.

So it is not possible to supply cold air to an AC power source without the compressor running.

How Do I Understand That Compressor Is Not Working?

It is not rocket science to understand that your compressor is not working. Just to check certain signs a nd to be aware of the situation.

  1. If the AC switch frequently breaks, then you may have a problem with the compressor. Or the AC compressor can stop completely.
  2. You may find that the outdoor unit shakes and makes huge noises.
  3. The fan is working. But the air coming out of the alternating current is hot.

There is a great possibility to end up finding that the fan is working, but the compressor is not working.

Possible reasons why the compressor does not work but the fan works?

There are several reasons for the compressor to stop working. Let's take a look.


Your AC draws in air from the outside and blows it inside. Thus dust accumulates on the filter. This reduces the airflow considerably. Dust can also accumulate on the condenser and on the evaporation tubes.

All this makes the compressor work longer. On the contrary, the compressor will overheat. In this situation, you must act immediately to avoid any occurrence. If you do not, the compressor will be permanently damaged, which will cause it to be replaced.


Clean the filter regularly at least once every four months. C hange the filter if necessary. Clean the feed holes and remove clogging. C tilt the surface of the condensate tube and the evaporator coil.

Wrong temperature:

It is possible for someone to set the wrong room temperature while the room temperature is already at it. So the AC didn't start working, and so did the compressor too.


The solution is very simple. You just have to set the temperature to a lower degree.

Defective thermostat:

A hermostat is the AC part that helps you maintain the set temperature. If your thermostat does not work properly, the AC will not start operating at higher temperatures than set. This may be the reason for your problem.


There is no other way than to change the thermostat.

Electrical problem:

The AC switch can be tripped. Or the safety can be blown.


If they create the problem, then just change them. If you are an amateur with power lines, it is better to turn to a professional electrician.

Inappropriate units:

The AC can be two s units, and you could have changed one of them recently. And if the AC compressor does not work, there is a high possibility that two units will not fit properly.


Don't call any local amateurs. It's time to go to a specialist, because his solution can cost a lot. But without a specialist, the problem can get worse. Therefore, it is best to replace the units or any parts of your AC with a specialist to avoid additional problems.

Dead compressor:

Your compressor may be damaged. Several things can cause this.


If your compressor is dead, the only option you have is to change it. It is better to call a professional mechanic this time.

Expiration date:

If your AC is too old, it can run out of service b ecause its service life has exceeded.


You may want to consider repairing it. But, buying a new one is better b ecause you may need to settle down later and longer. In addition, the old air conditioner consumes more electricity.

Starter & Capacitor issue:

Starter passes current from the capacitor to the outdoor unit. If you see that the outside makes noises and the fan is running, but the air is not cold yet. Then there is, of course, the compressor trying to access the capacitor. The problem is with the capacitor.


Call an experienced technician and change the capacitor.

Compressor maintenance

Do a few things. They will help you keep your air conditioning in good shape.

  1. Cleaning the coil condenser regularly. Simply wash them with water and brush them often. Stretch the tube if necessary.
  2. Check your Freon level regularly. Add Freon if needed.
  3. Change the filter once every at least 4 months.
  4. Lubricate the fan.
  5. Clean the inside of the case and more at least once a year.

Final tips

So finally, I f AC compressor is not working ing, but the fan is running, do not panic. Y ou know of the possible reasons behind it and also their solutions. So you need to find out the problems. You can also use a professional mechanic if needed. This way, you can repair your compressor a nd can enjoy the hot summer and feel fresh!

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