How to recondition front doors: spectacular doors to enter a house

The front door is one of the elements of the house most exposed to the weather. Over the years it has undergone numerous climate changes, possible voluntary or involuntary degradations, etc. At this point, you may be wondering why and how to renovate your front doors!

The time comes when the front door requires a partial or total renovation. This is the case, especially when its aesthetic appearance becomes boring or no longer seduces the owners. This is also when the front door no longer fulfills its role of insulating and protective carpentry.

How to recondition front doors: Steps for renovating an entrance door

Wood is an evolving living material, much more so than aluminum or PVC. Therefore, it is possible to change (or surprise) the original look with a few simple gestures.

To renovate a front door, all you have to do is:

  • Remove the front door: You will find it easier to work on a cassette door. Working on an entrance door still sitting on its hinges is quite complicated;
  • Prepare for renovation: Don't forget to protect the floor of the room you were going to sit in to renovate your front door. Also, make sure that the room is well ventilated. Provided the weather is favorable, it is possible to renovate an exterior entrance door for more comfort;
  • Remove the metal parts: Locks and hinges must be cleaned with a stripper and treated with an anti-rust solution. Allow them to dry before replacing them;
  • Remove the front door: This step is essential if your front door is in poor condition. To do this, follow the recommendations for the commercially available paint stripper;
  • Repair imperfections: If the wooden entrance door shows some defects (especially the holes), it is time to compensate with wooden pulp;
  • Sand the front door (in case of wood): Use the right material and don't forget to protect your front door;
  • Apply, if desired, paint or stain: For painting, an upstream floor is highly recommended.

When to change the front door?

In some cases, renovating an entrance door is less attractive than simply changing it. When the front door of a home is too damaged, it no longer provides insulation and security performance.

The entrance door market is constantly evolving: today it offers a whole range of doors with classic or contemporary aesthetics.

These doors have high performance in terms of protection and insulation. Unless you are emotionally attached to the front door, the question of change legitimately arises.

What to consider before refurbishing spectacular doors?


The first thing you need to evaluate in order to stand out from the rest is the budget. In this case, it is better to reserve part of the budget for doors in advance. The cost of different doors is probably higher than conventional ones. Therefore, they should be considered.


When installing exterior doors, you need to consider more than when doing this with interior doors. In this case, they should be more related to the environment or current regulations.

If the house is in a block of flats, an entrance door like the others may be needed. Or that it cannot contain certain elements. It is best to find out if there is a barrier before choosing a door. If not, problems may occur later.

If the house is detached, there will not be so many problems choosing the door. You have to take into account its architecture and the desired level of security.

Materials and combinations:

The most used materials for exterior doors are wood and glass; Alone or in combination. They can also contain tiles, steel and other metal elements, to the liking of homeowners.


Of these, the most commonly used material for exterior doors is wood. It is, without a doubt, the most versatile. Besides the fact that it offers a feeling of warmth, it adapts to almost any type of style. Thus, it works well both in rustic style houses and in cottages with modern design.

Glass or Metal

In addition, the combination of wooden and glass or metal doors is fashionable these days. Both outdoors and indoors, it produces excellent results. In any case, if you opt for this type of outdoor door, it is recommended to do the same indoors. Then the effect they produce is more spectacular.

Reinforced glass

Due to the strength of the materials, you can also choose a reinforced glass door. In these cases, it is best to install them with metal. Or use metal only on the edges, lock and buttons. You can also use it with metal on the glass sheet. It can be with two leaves or with a single inclination.

When in doubt about the doors to install, ask for advice

The options to make sure that any house has panoramic doors are very varied. So much so that the choice can be complicated. If the decision is severe, you can always seek the advice of experts who will deal with home renovation.

Final words

If you want to know how to recondition your front doors, read this article carefully. Then you can see all the available options, based on different regulations and available space.

But if you want to learn in more detail, ask for advice of an expert. They will help you know which are the most suitable for the type of walls.

You will also know which can give a more spectacular look. With the help of these experts, the final decision on front doors for remodeling a safe home is much more comfortable.

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