How to install ceramic tiles on wood

People are fascinated by the wooden house and live comfortably in a wooden house. Although there are several difficulties in that type of structure. Since customizing your home is a cool way to make it more gorgeous and comfortable, we will discuss how to install ceramic tile on wood.

Usually, an expert plumber provides the exact service. However, sometimes very few interested homeowners try install boards on the floor of their houses. Installing ceramic tiles on other types of floors can be easy, but on wooden floors, it is a little different from the traditional installation of tiles.

Here, in this blog post, we will discuss the step-by-step guide on how to install ceramic tiles on wood. Without spending more time here, let's start the discussion.

Why is Tiling over Wood beneficial?

Wooden floors change their shape due to changes in temperature or humidity. You can save the floor from cracking or bending, and the ceramic tiles are handy because it is water resistant. In addition, it is easy to clean, which allows users to be in a hygienic environment to live peacefully.

Preparation before installing ceramic tiles on the wooden floor

Before installing the board on the wooden floor, there are a few things you need to do. The first is to secure the wooden floor by placing 2-inch screws after every 3 inches for the entire board you used in the floor. It will be fixed wood firmly. Now cover the entire floor with ½ inch thick sheets of any plywood or any other board you want to use. However, using 1-1 / 4 inch screws after every 6 inches, including the edges of the plates. These reinforcements are essential to create a stable base for the tile.

Laying a cement base on the floor

The second essential thing you need to do is put a thin layer of cement sheet on the plywood. Then cover the cement slab with a minimal layer of mortar. You can fasten the joints of the cement slab with seam tape and also use the screw after every 6 inches for the edges.

How to install tile on wooden floor?

Now, this is the most important part, you have to do it correctly and carefully. At first, you need to measure the walls of your floor to find the center point. Why? Because the focal point of your floor is your reference during installation. Once you realize the central point, you need to decide the design or model of your floor. Placing all tiles on the floor without mortar will facilitate the process. Place all the tiles on the floor and create a gorgeous design that you like. You can count all the plates and its position.

Once you have decided on the pattern, now check those uneven corners or parts of the wall or floor you want to cover and cut the tiles according to the size and shape of these uneven parts. After preparing all the tiles, now put the mortar and install it according to your design model. To maintain the floor measurement, you need to follow the reference line you made.

Apply all those small parts of the tiles on those uneven parts of the floor until you cover the whole floor. Now you need to clean all the mortars on the surface very well. In order not to stick to the floor, it will be useful while sifting the tiles.

How to Install Ceramic Floor Tile on Wood |
Grout Tile.

How is the tile exempted?

Grouting is one of the essential things to do after installing the tiles on the floor. Now, remember, use a minimal amount of water with putty so that you have a mixture like peanut butter, which will give you the best cement facility. Otherwise, your putty will not stay right with the tiles.

The recommendation of the global floor covering association says that before screening, you should allow 12 hours 24 hours after finishing the installation of the tiles. As with the putty, you should allow another 24 hours for the putty to dry, and during the process, you may need to clean the surface several times.


We are at the end of this discussion about how to install ceramic tiles on wooden or wooden floors. Installing ceramic tiles on the wooden floor alone can make you feel adventurous, but if you can't do it exactly, then it can be a big disaster. However, the step-by-step guide above will help you exactly how you can install the ceramic tiles on the wooden floor properly.

Read all the steps carefully and follow them properly, as they are to install and decorate your wooden floor with ceramic tiles. If you are a selective owner of the house, then you can choose the designs with tiles very carefully. It will help you achieve a better interior design of your home.

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