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Duplex house projects: build your house with a new dimension

Everyone wants their house to be a luxury one, with many living rooms, toilets, balconies, large dining and drawing space and an interior staircase that will connect two different floors. Such a house is known as a duplex house.

This house is perfect for a large or large family. A small family can also build one if they want to, but this will not be ideal for them, to be honest. We have many other house projects for them.

The duplex house will give a new dimension to your house. All family members can live peacefully without any gathering. There will be less chaos, but you will have a lot of space during parties.

Duplex house project services we offer

Because the duplex house is slightly different from an ordinary house, it needs more construction services. At Constructors, we offer our services for almost all duplex homes. To learn more about our services, read the descriptions below.


First, after selecting the land, is to examine whether the soil is perfect for building a duplex house or not. If the soil is firm, then we can begin the procedure.

It is very important to have a strong base. A small mistake while making the foundation can be very dangerous. And we take total care in this regard.

Therefore, we will take all the measurements exactly and use superior products before starting the construction works to make the base robust. Then he will be able to take on challenges such as earthquakes or natural disasters. Once properly established, your home will not receive any weaknesses.

Duplex House Foundation

Interior design

Wood House Service

After all, this is the second essential thing you need to look at. This is the real step that will make your home unique to others. An expert and experienced architecture makes interior design.

You can provide us with a design or, if you wish, you can contact our architect. We recommend our architect as he properly observes the total area and designs it according to the perfect measurement. You can also make some changes after the draft is sent to you.

Our designs are 100% new and unique, which will surely catch your eye.

Construction of side walls

Once the project is completed, we will start building the building. You can choose brick, wood or CLT as a key source. We will offer the best quality products and equipment according to your needs.

For a brick house, we will use brick, cement and concrete, and on the other hand, for a wooden house or CLT, we will use wood, pins and glue for wood. We do not compromise the quality of the product with the price.

If the boundaries are not stable, you will not be able to hold the roof together with the pillars. And we don't want that to happen. We want our customers to be safe and healthy.


Roof construction

Duplex rooftop

Particular attention must be paid when building the roof. If the roof is not built correctly, it cannot be sustained in earthquakes and natural disasters. Therefore, our expert civil engineer will be present there to observe the proper mixing of all materials.

It is better to have a brick roof, because it has the longest durability. It will also not rot or deteriorate quickly. To give it a unique look, metals, shingles or slate can also be used. We will work only according to our client's request.

Construction of interior stairs

The specialty of the duplex house is the interior staircase that will connect two different floors. Stairs can be made of either brick or wood in round and straight stairs.

You can use wooden stairs in a wooden duplex house that will not require any tiles or marble. But if you want to have a brick duplex house, you will have to use brick to build the staircase. Tiles or marble must be used to give the final finish.

The ladder handle can also be made of either steel pipe or wood. If you have more budget, we recommend installing a wooden handle, but also the steel pipe is the right choice.

Stairs construction

Floor construction

Practical ways to prepare the floor for T ile

The floors can be made of wood, tiles or mosaic. It is the choice of someone who wants to install in their house. Everyone will look attractive.

When installing tiles, you need to be careful, because it will be a waste of money if it breaks. Again, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when installing. In this case, we have a whole lot of concern, so you don't have any more difficulties in the future.

If the tiles or mosaics crack after fixing, it will be a total mess.

Window and door constructions

A house will be completed entirely with windows and doors. It will give you protection against the strange and unusual things of the environment. Moreover, no one can enter your house without your permission.

In all types of houses, it is better to use wooden windows and doors. It gives a classic look to the house without a doubt. Your home will stay warm in the winter seasons and cold in the summer seasons.

This is very important to reduce your electricity bill. In the windows, the glasses will be mounted inside the wooden frame to enjoy the natural beauty of your home.


Why is a duplex house design service needed?

If you are thinking of having a duplex house, then this is a must to have a duplex house project construction service. The services are as follows:

Duplex House Design
  • You can get a perfect and unique design.
  • Your house will look luxurious.
  • The inner scale will be of perfect measurement, without any defects.
  • Your home can withstand natural disasters and earthquakes.
  • The cost of a duplex house is 15% to 20% lower than a regular residence.

How much does a duplex house project cost?

The answer to this question is not easy to say. The price depends on some factors, such as the design, the equipment used and the carpentry work. If you provide us with all the details of your house, including the production and cutting of CNG, we can update the exact and usual price. You can also contact us if you are looking for an expert architect to design your house.

Get the free concept about duplex house construction services

At the Builders service, we always try to offer the best quality services at a reasonable price. It is our promise to our customers from the very beginning. But before you take services from us, you can also get a free concept about duplex house projects. Our customer support is open 24/7 for you. You can also contact us by e-mail. Our email address is info@constructorii.ro. We will stay awake to make you sleep peacefully. Your satisfaction is our motto.