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Procesul de Îzolare Exterioară: Ultimul Ghid Pentru Începători

An exterior wall insulation system provides an insulated, protected, and decorative exterior of your home. It is a good solution for improving the insulation of the building and reducing heat loss.

The most interesting thing is, you will easily be able to install it yourself. Here in this article, we will conduct a detailed discussion of the exterior insulation process.

Procesul de Îzolare a Peretilor Exteriori

The process of exterior wall insulation is a bit tricky. However, we have tried to make the process easy for you. Here we are providing you step by step process of exterior wall insulation.

Testarea Randării

In the first step of the exterior wall insulation installation process, you need to test the render which is existed in your wall. Check out that the render is strong enough for directly applying to render on it or not.

Dacă redarea dvs. este suficient de puternică , veți putea face cu ușurință pasul principal al izolației exterioare a pereților. Dacă nu este ; apoi , trebuie să îl scoateți înainte de a instala izolația.

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Demontarea și Reglarea Conductelor

After testing the render and removing it to make it appropriate, you need to check the building's pipework. You need to remove or extend the waste pipes and soil pipes away from the walls also. It will allow you to work with your building naturally when you are installing exterior insulation.

Protejarea Windows

Here, you will also need to use some protection for the doors and windows of your house. Use a protective layer over your windows and doors so that they can prevent damages during the external wall insulation installation process.

Montarea unei Piste de Start

Decide where you will start installing the wall insulation because, generally, external wall insulation does not reach the ground. It starts from a few inches or feet above. This will be the starting point, and at that position, the starter track will be installed. It will also be used to fit beading. So, at first, select an advantageous position and do all these things.

Instalarea Plăcilor Îzolante

After installing the starter track, you can now start installing the insulation boards onto the wall. Apply a layer of adhesive to all the boards and stick them on the wall.

You will have different types of wall insulation board options in the market. Among them, Loose-fill insulation, Cellulose rigid foam panel insulation, Fiberglass insulation, Rockwool insulation, and so on are the most popular.

You can choose any of those according to your preference and requirement. You will easily be able to select the most favorable one for you. After installing the insulation board on your wall, now it is time to file off the edges of the boards by a rasp.

If any window door reaches, you need to cut the board off to fit around them. Here, you have to ensure that the surface is completely flat.

Adăugarea unor Fixări Mecanice

With adhesive, you need to add some mechanical fixings so that your wall can be safe in the rainy season. You can hammer the boards if you think required. It is important for keeping the boards secure, and at the same time, it will give your wall a good look.

Adăugarea de Margele

In this step, you need to add corner beads and stop bead. It will keep your insulation tight and secure around the doors, windows, and other obstacles, and at the same time, it will ensure that the insulation will not touch other materials on the wall.

Adăugarea de Mesh și Redare

After installing boards and beadings on your wall, you need two layers of renders with strengthening properties now. Here, you need to apply a fiberglass mesh between the two layers of renders.

Aplicarea Grundului

After applying fiberglass mesh and render, you need to apply primer on it. Primer has granules, and it helps the final render to be stuck on the whole thing. Here the primer should be the same color as the final render so that no colors show through.

Aplicarea Randării Finale

Now it is time to apply the final render. This final render is the last coat in the installation process. That means it is very important to choose the color you like the most because it will be outside your building. So, don't apply any color or texture of render you will use in the final render.

Reinstalarea Conductelor

Now the process is almost done. Just you need to reinstall the pipework that you removed at the first stage in this process. One notable thing is that it would be best to do this step after a few hours of completing the previous step.

Anyways, after completing this process, check out that your window sill may need to deeper or not. If you don't need it then, that's all for you. If you need, then you need to extend your window sill before using it.

Principalele 6 Beneficii ale Îzolației Exterioare pe Perete

There have a lot of benefits to having external wall insulation. Here are the benefits of using this in your house:

Îmbunătățește Performanța Termică

External wall insulation improves the thermal performance of your home from two sides. Firstly, it reduces the heat loss that means the heat which exists in your home. And secondly, it will prevent cold from coming into your home. By doing these two things, you will get a good temperature for your living.


Actually, at the end of the day, you need a destination where you will stay peacefully. That destination is obviously your home. So, it is a must to be your home comfortable for you.

If you have external wall insulation in your home, you will get that comfortable place. Nowadays, people spend a million dollars for having comfort. Here you are getting this at a very lower cost.

Cost Scăzut

If you use an air conditioner for having a perfect temperature, you need to pay a huge amount of money. At the same time, it is not sure that you will get enough insulation.

But, if you install wall insulation in your home, it will provide much better insulation at a very cheaper rate as you know that the exterior insulation cost is not so high. So, it will be best if you install exterior insulation instead of installing any air conditioner.

Mediu Sănătos

Most air conditioners are run by electricity and use a refrigerant, which has many negative effects on the environment. It contributes to global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer. According to research, we found, in 2050, 25 percent of global warming will be caused by air conditioning.

We hope you have understood how bad an air conditioner is for our world. But here, if you use exterior insulation in your house instead of the air conditioner, it will provide you the same service without harm.

Reducerea Nivelului de Zgomot

Installing exterior insulation much wider than a normal wall prevents outside sound significantly from coming into your house. It also increases the peace in your house.

Casă mai Valoroasă

If you have exterior insulation in your house, it will add more value to your property. When you sell it, you will get a higher price from the potential buyer of your home.

Linia de Fund

The external wall insulation process makes it possible to get an insulated home without using any appliances. We think it is a smart solution for cold, which suits the environment because the air conditioner has a very bad impact on the environment. So, if you want to get a good and healthy world, you should try this out.

Well, in this article, we have given you the ultimate guide for beginners on the exterior insulation process. If you follow the whole process exactly in the same way we have given here, you will easily do it yourself. Then again, if you have any confusion regarding this process, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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