Houses with floor and attic

Houses with

Floor and attic

Houses and Attic

The attic house can be a solution for those who want extra space but do not want to build an extra floor. An attic gives you more space on a budget. It is a good option if you do not have too much budget for a house. This extra space can be very useful, but many do not realize it. It is useful and attractive.

Attic Room

An attic has a multifunctional installation. The space can be used for rooms for children or teenagers, studios or rooms for relaxation. With some renovations, the attic can be transformed into an office or a lounge. You can keep it simple with simple furniture or you can decorate it more.

Tea Attic

The attic of tea can be a dream space for you. The sloping window will allow the most sunlight we can get in your home. On the other hand, you can look out of the attic. If you enjoy the sky, the attic may be the best place inside your home.

The House Project

with Floor

House Attic

You can design the floor a little differently if you want to have an attic. You will get a room in the attic; therefore, you will get more space to use on the ground floor. For example, if you want to create an attic as a desk or desk, you do not need it on the ground floor. You can use that space for another bedroom.

Floor And Attic

Our service offers the best solution for houses with floors and attics. We have a team of experts who have years of experience in building attics and building houses accordingly. If you intend to have an attic, the ground floor must have enough support to maintain the attic.

Floor and attic expert team

Usually, attics are not made to hold a lot of weight. So building a room in your existing home can be difficult. The floor can only support the roof. However, before building the house, you can ask the experts for an attic, and they will design the entire structure of the house accordingly.



  • You can improve the thermal condition of your home by using attic insulation
  • You can use the extra storage space or you can also build a room
  • The attics will give your house a different look
  • The attic is like an extra floor at a very low cost
  • The structure of the attics provides additional security for natural disasters

What we promise

Our team of experts is highly qualified in the construction of any type of house, especially houses with attics. The house with ground floor and attic is a popular choice among customers and we have experience in fulfilling the wishes of our customers for more than 15 years.

Whether you want a simple attic or an attic with a floor to make it a room, we can build it perfectly for you. We already have over a hundred models with attics to choose from. Even if you want a custom floor plan for your attic, we can offer that too.

We have over 150 employees, including professional civil engineers, architects, builders, carpenters, plumbers. We provide services for any problem related to your home. Our experts are dedicated to satisfying you with their work.

We import the highest quality materials to build the house of your dreams. We never compromise with our services and make sure there is no room for disappointment.

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