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How to make your wooden house last forever?

Have you bought a wooden house, or thinking of building one? Well, as it turns out, a large number of people remain confused about the reliability of wood as an ideal material for construction. So, here ", it's one for you.

With proper care, a wooden house can have a lifespan of about 150 years or more. If you ask an experienced architect, I'm sure you'd confirm that wood retains as long as brick or stone cladd ing buildings with the right maintenance.

Fortunately, I'm going to share my best experiences of using wood for house building. In this article, I am sharing my proven tips that “will help you exactly how to make the last wooden house forever. My tips will help you avoid spending more and focus more on getting more out of a single purchase.

List de sfaturi dovedit pentru a menține lemn casa invincibil pentru totdeauna:

We can illustrate some positive aspects about wood. It is “eco-friendly, durable, rigid, natural wood finish, and more. But the biggest weakness of wood is that “it is prone to rot, moisture expansion, and combustibility.

Unfortunately, wood begins to decompose if it retains 20% or more moisture over a long period of time. The following ways will help prevent moisture and make your home a durable wood.

1. Choose the right wood materials for construction

Before you even think about building a wooden house, make sure you make a list of materials that can save the life of your wooden house. So advance planning is very important here. You should also consult a professional for advice on the best type of construction wood, depending on the weather in the living area.

You know that moisture is the worst enemy of wooden buildings that causes long-term damage. Therefore, choosing the best type of wood is the most important for a long-lasting house. So make sure you don't reduce the cost here.

2. Reduce exposure to fast corrosive elements

It is not always possible to reduce the exposure of rapidly decomposing elements. But if you can build a house in a sheltered position, do not hesitate to take this option. Positioning the house in a secluded place eliminates the chances of being exposed to a lot of moisture. This helps to retain the wood in the long run.

Prolonged exposure to moisture creates molds and fungi that accelerate the decomposition process. Mold spores and rotten fungi need oxygen and nutrients to survive, which they get from the surrounding air and wood.

3. Check the humidity level before starting a wooden construction

As a precaution, it's best to check the percentage of humidity in your area before choosing wood for your construction. Humidity is a huge deciding factor in the longevity of a wooden house.

It is safe to say that 80 percent of all wood decay is caused by environmental moisture. If its relative air humidity is over 70 percent, then it's more than enough to damage your wood. So 70% is the critical value here.

4. Take precautions for dangerous incidents

Wood is not the only thing that is flammable. Concrete, bricks and other inorganic materials have the same threat of being flammable. So, taking all possible anti-inflammatory measures is essential to keep your home.

This requires installing a smoke detector, rewiring the wires, moving the fireplace to a safer position. Even if it can be said, th e building materials do not cause as fire hazard s, however ”it is better to stay safe from our own actions.

5. Avoid construction errors

Proper design of your structure before construction eliminates a lot of mistakes that need to be made without realizing it. For example - the joints between two wooden frames must be cut in such a way that they do not contain water. Make sure you design your home in such a way that it removes rainwater and snow away from the foundation and easily removes water vapor.

Here are some tips to reduce moisture and degradation -

o The wooden structure must not touch the ground

o Insufficient waterproofing and ventilation

o Replace old roofs and pipes

o Install the pipes so that they can be checked for leaks

6. Raise the floor level significantly above ground level

In most new wooden buildings, the floors are the first to suffer damage 70-80 percent of the time. This is due to a simple construction error. Having the floor level close to the ground allows it to constantly interact with soil moisture and water.

The basic requirement is to raise the basic structure of the floor to a sufficient height. Also, creating a slope on the ground can reduce the problem of moisture on the base floor. The base floor must also be high enough to remain well ventilated.

7. Implement modern technologies together with the wooden structure

Even with rigorous planning and execution, you still can't eliminate all the factors that can slowly ruin your sweet home. Try to increase other elements in your construction, such as - acetylated wood can help significantly reduce the degradation of molds and fungi. You can also use epoxy to protect old wood from damage.

In addition, the use of copper pipes around the house, tiles and slate roofs helps to preserve the wood. Slate roofs can last between 100 and 150 years before they are replaced.

8. Use the right type of paint

Removing water and water vapor is not the only way to prevent water from damaging the wood on the building. So, to finish it, cover your wood with the right paint or anti-corrosion paint. Before you do this, make sure you know about the weather conditions.

For example - if you live in an area with heavy rainfall, it's better to buy waterproof paint for a long-lasting effect.

To end

These are my top tips on how to make your wooden house last forever. Many factors ensure the longevity of your home.

No matter how much you prefer to live in a brick and concrete house, a wooden house will always bring you closer to nature. So, “it is important to make the most of your precious building and use the best knowledge.

In addition, you can not ignore the feeling of ecology, serenity and well-being of people who lived in wooden houses.

At the end of the day, it only brings you one step closer to nature, keeping you one step away from worldly turmoil.

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