5 things you need to know about cleaning the roof of the house

5 things you need to know about cleaning the roof of the house

Once you have completed the construction of the house, you may think that you have finished everything. But no, you're not. From T hi point s, your real work will practically begin. We all know that maintaining is more challenging than creating. It may be easy to build, but if you don't look back, it won't take long.

Top roof cleaning is an essential part of roof maintenance. Most difficulties occur due to leaves, bark, dirt and garbage. But cleaning the roof is not the same as cleaning the floor. So here are 5 things you need to know about cleaning the roof of the house.

But before that, it will be useful to know about the materials for the roof of the house and methods of cleaning.

Materials used to make the roof of the house

The materials used for the roof of the house will depend on the style of the house you are building. So it is obvious that not all peaks will be the same. Installation and material costs will also var y. Here are some of the most commonly used roofing materials today.

  1. Wood : Wood is one of the most muscular materials used for the roof of the house. It is easy to cut and placed on top. Most farms in Western countries use it at the top. It is beneficial because the cold wind cannot penetrate it and so the house will stay hot.
  2. Brick : Brick is most often used in Asian countries. It can take a long time in summer, winter and rainy season. It does not spoil in the rain; instead, the water makes it stronger.
  3. Metal : Among the metals, aluminum, copper, or stainless steel are used to make the top of the house. It is a new trend that is used for about 5 to 7 years. It is famous because the metal can be given any design and shape. It is not heavy and does not break, heat, or burn. Moreover, the latter is about 50 years old.
  4. Glass : Glass roofs are very beneficial. Such a type of surface can be found in houses that are made to store fruit to protect them from snow. This type of house is known as the "Green House".
  5. Clay : This is a traditional roofing material. Especially in villages, it is still used d. It is best for the summer season, but in winter and rain, it can melt a bit. However, its lifespan is about 50-100 years.
  6. Slate: This material is commonly used in western countries, and is one of the oldest roofing materials. It is a solid rock that can be divided into thin pieces. Its longevity is the longest, which is more than 100 years.

Roof cleaning methods

There are two methods of cleaning the roof. Professionals use these methods. Here is the technique discussed for you:

  • Pressure washing: All types of roofs mentioned above will not be able to tolerate high water pressure. So this method will be better to clean the metal roof. Due to the high water pressure, all dirt and rubbishes such as algae, fungi, freckles, etc. will be easily removed.
  • Use of chemicals: most roof cleaners use this method to eradicate ruptures of materials. It is essential to use the right chemical in the right amount. This need is done with a highly qualified vacuum cleaner.

5 things you need to know about cleaning the roof of the house

Once you know about the materials and methods of cleaning a roof, you are now ready to learn some important facts about cleaning the roof of the house. Here are 5 things you need to know about cleaning the roof of your home:

  1. Dirt that should never be ignored: dirt like algae and mushrooms should never be overlooked. These substances cannot be seen with the naked eye. They can read quickly from one place to another without your awareness. So it is best to clean your roof often to avoid such things. Otherwise, your roof will be severely damaged, which can even lead to rot.
  2. Roof cleaning as a regular part of maintenance: As floor cleaning is done regularly as that clean roof ing should be done more often. The roof of our house always protects us from dirt, sunlight, cold and rain. So he needs the most care. Usually, cleaning should be done every six months to a year.
  3. A clean roof can survive the wild climate: natural disasters, such as storms, can cause less damage to a clean surface. For example, if your roof is dirt and garbage is free, then there are fewer chances of blocking the materials that will be carried by storms.
  4. S elective cl eaning method e for different roofing materials: All roofing materials ”strength are not the same. One may be stronger than the other. So it is better to call a professional cleaning agent for this job, because they have better knowledge about what method is applied depending on the surface material.
  5. A clean roof can EXTEND longevity up: A clean roof is less likely to have problems, such as decay. Once the roof begins to rot, it needs expensive repairs or even replacement of the entire roof.

DIY's for roof cleaning

It is always better not to apply any DIY in cleaning the roof. But if you want to clean the roof without damage on your own, then you can use 50 percent water and 50 percent bleach.

First, you will need to mix them well and pour them into a spray bottle. Spray the water and mix it on the roof to avoid the growth of algae and fungi. Finally, you will need to wash everything with clean water.

The cost of cleaning the roof of the house

The cleaning capacity of the house depends on the size of the roof. If the top is large, then it will cost more than a small roof. Some cleaning products are also charged according to each square meter. Depending on each square meter, each square costs around $ 15 to $ 30 depending on the companies you choose.

It takes almost two to six hours, depending on the skill of the professional cleaner and the size. It cost about $ 250 to $ 1,000 for a standard house. Many cleaning products also offer discounts to their customers. In general, the price will also vary depending on the difficulties that the cleaning agent will face.


Now you are aware of "5 things you need to know about cleaning the roof of the house". Because both the inside and the outside of the house should be taken care of. If you just wipe the inside, but avoid the outside, then your ho m e won't last long. Your house will become a damage in a day that no one wants.

So it is essential to ensure the proper maintenance of the whole house. If you focus only on inner beauty, then no one will know you ABSOLUTELY beauty, because many people judge a book by its cover.

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