7 Most Common Electric Oven Problems and How to Repair Them

7 The Most Common Electrical Problems and How to Repair Them

Nowadays, even a kitchen is full of a large number of electronic devices or appliances. For this reason, cooking has become a hassle-free task. Of these, an electronic oven is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen.

You may not use it every day, but you certainly know that you can't spend a week without it. Y ou will require an electric oven for frying and heating food, baking bread, cakes, desserts, and many other purposes. Therefore, when something is damaged or something is wrong with it, you will have problems.

Is something wrong with your electric oven? Isn't the heating correct? Is your electric oven damage timer d? Can you find an oven repair service nearby? You don't have to do that.

Here, in this article, we will discuss different types of electric oven problems and give you the easiest ways to fix them. You will be able to do it easily by yourself if you follow the given process. The step-by-step process is as follows:

7 The most common problems of the electric oven and ways to repair them

1. Problems with the electric oven timer

For many housewives and cooks, life works according to the clock or timer of their oven. In fact, the timer lets you know that when food is cooked or baked.

For these types of ho memaker s or professionals who are very passionate about cooking, whose main activity is cooking means a lot of electric oven. If the oven time is damaged, their life may be stopped. Joking aside, now we'll see how to mate it.


If you are one of those who is looking for a repairman, we can say that it is useless. Just follow the rules.

  • Locate the oven in a place where you will have access to its back panel. If your model is an older or unique model with manual buttons, you must first remove them.
  • Then you need to remove the screws to remove the back panel. After removing the back panel, you need to remove all the wires connected to the timer.
  • After that, you will be able to easily remove the timer.
  • Then you need to replace it with a new one and attach it in the same place in the same way you removed it.

2. The appliance does not heat up

Basically, the main function of your oven is to heat it to cook food. So if you see that the electric oven does not heat up, it is a big or (you can say) major problem, and obviously it will not work properly.

At that point, you need to fix it as soon as possible. In general, there are two types of ovens - gas oven and electric oven. If yours is a gas oven and does not heat up, then it is definitely the result of a faulty igniter.

If it is an electric oven, then the heating problem is due to damage to the heating elements. For a gas oven, finding a lighter is a very challenging and risky task. So you have to do it very carefully.

Generally, the igniter is located under the oven. If you have an electric oven, you can visually check the heating elements. It generally glows red. If you do not see them, you should repair the oven.


  • First of all, you need to make sure that the power of the oven is turned off.
  • Then you need to remove all the nuts or bolts that hold the contact and the heating elements. After that, you need to remove the storage drawer to get your lighter (for the oven gas).
  • Pull the heater or heaters, and then remove all wires from the heater terminals.
  • Then carefully remove the heating elements or the igniter from the oven. If any wire terminal is damaged or burned, replace them with a new one. If you want to repair the heating or ignition elements, then you can give them to a nearby electronics repair shop.
  • But if you want to change the igniter or elements with a new one, then you can do it in the same way you remove d l. It is enough to attach the wire to the terminals of the element and t ighten all the screws and nuts.
  • In the case of an oven gas, you finally have Nee d to attach the storage drawer.

One notable thing here is that you need to make sure that the new heater has the same shape and size.

3. Heating, but not at the correct temperature

If you notice the oven is taking longer to cook than needed, in general, it may ha ve some heating issues.

S ometimes you may also be undercooked food, even after preparing for the perfect time is needed, in general you will be sure to go through some problems.

It can be found for several reasons. In most cases, it appears for the faulty temperature sensor.


  • First, you need to check the temperature sensor. Make sure that the temperature sensor does not touch the oven wall.
  • Use an ohmmeter to check the sensor, whether it works or not.
  • If the sensor does not work, replace it with a new one.
  • After changing the temperature sensor, you need to check whether the oven is working properly or not with an n oven with a thermometer.
  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and check the temperature after 20 minutes. Do this for the next 2 hours continuously every 20 minutes in a row.
  • Then add it to all the readings you g o t and divide it as many times as you checked the temperature.
  • By doing so, you will get the average temperature. After that, adjust the oven temperature to form accordingly.

4. The food does not cook evenly

Sometimes you may notice while making toast, some pieces are toasted more than others. This means that your oven is not cooking properly. To confirm that the oven needs to be repaired, you can bake a cake or fry a full chicken.

However, if you face this problem, keep reading and follow the steps I have given you. These are as follows:


  • First, you need to preheat the oven and check that the heating element is completely bright red, and the temperature sensor resistance increases with the oven temperature.
  • If you notice something wrong, then you should replace them.

5. The appliance door does not close

If the oven door does not close, it is not safe enough to use. Here are the rules on how to fix the problem:

  • Disconnect the oven and pull the door to remove it from the oven. If it does not rise, unscrew the hinges that are placed inside the oven.
  • Then check the hinges, if one is damaged and needs to be replaced, replace it with a new one.
  • Then you need to change the door springs. If any of the springs is damaged, then replace it. The ends of the springs should be wrapped around two screws. So, when replacing, you need to wrap it again.

6. The light does not work

The lighting system is very important for an electric oven. It is one of the most common problems you will face. It is “It is very easy to repair.


  • First, you need to remove the bulb cover by turning it a quarter turn counterclockwise.
  • Then remove the bulb and replace it with a new one. It is remarkable that in this process you should use hand gloves.

7. Self-cleaning of the oven does not work

What can be done if the self-service oven cleaning is not working is shown below:

  • Make sure it starts on its own - correctly the cleaning cycle; set the timer and buttons perfectly.
  • If you find any problem, you need to replace the door lock motor, control and on-board switch, thermostat, and many other important items. At that point, the appliance repair service near you can help.


Every day, people are becoming more dependent on electrical appliances. As we have been providing expert repair services for many years, we have solved a lot of ELE ctric oven problems like these.

These are certainly the most common problems and their solution to an electric oven. If your problem does not fit, please comment t below. W e will try to give you the best way to solve the problem.

Anyway, here in this article, you have held a detailed discussion about the most problems of electric oven and how to solve them and offered you, in particular , the final guide for oven repair electric Fortunately, this article will help you a lot in your case. Happy cooking.

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