PVC Bathroom Paneling

Ghid de instalare a panourilor de baie din PVC pentru începători

Want to avoid the damp in the bathroom, installing panels with an elegant look, rather than using tiles? PVC bathroom panels are the best solution available nowadays. PVC bathroom paneling is taking the place of floor tiles due to its numerous advantages.

On the one hand, it looks beautiful, sturdy, long-lasting, and, most importantly, cheap. On the other hand, it is effortless to install, even you can install it yourself if you know the process.

Here in this article, you will know all about PVC panels along with a installation guide. So, stay with us till the end.

PVC B athroom P un Eling (Ghid de Înstalare)

You need different types of tools for the PVC bathroom panel installation process. These are as follows:

  • Spirit Level
  • Stanly Knife
  • Panel Adhesive
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Special Glue for Panel
  • Measurement Tape
  • Hammer
  • Staple Gun
  • Non-corrosive Nails
  • Screw Driver
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Mitre Block

Arrange these tools before starting the process. Now let’s start the step by step process of PVC bathroom paneling. These steps are as follows:

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Înstalarea Panourilor pe Tavan:

S acrișoară procesul de instalarea panourilor pe tavan . Aici sunt pas s pentru a instala lambriu pe tavan :

Tăiați Panourile

At first, you need to take the measures of your ceiling. After that, take the Stanley blade and cut the panel in the right direction for installing it on the ceiling. You have to cut them very patiently and perfectly because if you do anything wrong, the panel will not fit your ceiling. In that case, that panel will not be able to use anymore.

Aplicați Adeziv pe Panou

After cutting the panel in the right size, you need to apply enough adhesive to the panel. It will help the panel to be perfectly stuck on the ceiling. In the case of the ceiling, you should add more adhesive than the wall because of gravity.

Șurub, Capse , sau PIN Panou

After applying the adhesive, fix the panel on the ceiling. After that, you need to screw or staple every 30 inches through the tongue of the panel.

Here one notable thing is, you have to screw the panel very perfectly because if you make any mistake here, you will not be able to use the whole anymore.

After completing these steps, you need to repeat the process until the panels cover the whole ceiling. That’s all for the installation of panels on the ceiling.

Înstalarea Panourilor pe Pereți

After completing the ceiling, now it is time to install panels on the walls. Here are the steps of the installation process of the panels on the wall:

Luați Măsurile

In this process, at first, you need to take the measures of the finishing trims around the bath tray and the shower tray. Take the measure very perfectly because according to this measure, you will cut the panel for installation. Measure from the corner of the bath to both side’s end.

Tăiați Benzile de Etanșare Îmbrăcate

After taking the measurement, now it is time to cut the clad seal strips. Take the miter block and cut the angles for the corners. Here clad seal strips are very important because it is a watertight seal between the panel and the bath tray.

Anyways, now place the strips in the right position and make sure that it fits correctly. Before positioning the strips, you have to wipe the surface where the strips will be seated with the alcohol wipes.

Aplicați Adeziv pe Sigiliul Îmbrăcat

After that, you need to apply the adhesive to the bottom of the strips and then smooth them with the spatula. You have to use a unique glue-like clad seal adhesive because any bond will not guarantee water tightness.

Now you need to apply clad seal adhesive on both surfaces (wall and bath). Apply it very gently and thoroughly.

Montați Benzile

Now, fit the strips to the surface of the bath. Here, you need to allow the silicone on the clad seal strips to contact the silicone on the bath tray for having a waterproof seal. The corners where the two strips are connected should be sealed. You can also use a screw or pin to fit them more perfectly if you feel it is needed.

Se Potrivesc Garniturile de Colț Înterne

Before installing the wall panels, you need to attach internal corner trim at the corner. For attaching it, remove the protective film and apply the silicone there.

Plasați Primul Panou

Now it is time to place the first panel. Take the measures of the wall where you will install the panel. Then cut the panel according to the measures.

Here you need to remove the protective film if you have any. Then apply enough amount of adhesive on the panel and fit it on the wall.

Înșurubați, Capsați sau Fixați Panoul

Adhesive will help the panel be stuck on the wall, but you need to screw the panel through the tongue to stick there perfectly. It will also help you to prevent the movement of the panels. We recommend you screw, staple, or pin the panel on the wall to do it like a pro.

Aplicați Siliciu pe Canelură

After that, apply silicon to the notch of the first panel before fixing the second-panel paper. If the silicon seeps out of the panel, wipe it as soon as possible. These are basically the main tasks of this process.

Repetați Procesul Pentru Restul Peretelui

After completing all the previous steps, you know how to install a particular panel on the wall. Now it is time to install all the panels on the wall until it covers the whole wall. You just need to repeat the previous steps.

Potriviți Învelișul

Now you need to fit the coving to the corners. Cut the covings very carefully in the correct length. Check out that the coving perfectly fits the corner by fitting it before applying it.

Now you need to apply adhesive and hold it on the corner. You can also silicon and double-sided tape to attach the coving.

Tipuri de Panouri din PVC

You will get different types of PVC panels for your bathroom. So, it is important to some basic information about all of them for choosing the best one for you that suits you the most. These are as follows:

Placă din Spumă din PVC

PVC foam boards are generally made by foaming and pressing. They are available in different thicknesses, which start from 1 mm to 20mm. 4mm PVC foam boards are usually used in paneling a wall.

You will get different types of colors there like, white, black, yellow, red, and so on. PVC foam boards have an extra protection layer that protects the wall from rain, snow, and at the same time sunlight.

Foi din PVC

PVC sheets are the most used PVC panel and the most popular one. It has an internal locking system so that water can’t pass through the joints of the sheets. You will get different types of PVC sheets in the market—for instance, wooden patterns, golden stripes, solid color, marble texture, and so on. Marble texture sheets are very good looking and the best choice for bathroom paneling. So, you can choose this one for your bathroom.

Panou de Perete din PVC 3D

3D PVC wall panels are the panels having an embossing effect. They will give you a 3D effect on your wall. This one does not apply to the bathroom, but it will be the best choice for your drawing room wall paneling.

These are mainly different types of PVC panels. Here, there have some varieties in the edge of the boards like corner cove, F edge trim, J edge trim, H joint, internal corner trim, interior corner trim, functional corner, and so on.

Avantajele Panourilor din PVC

PVC panels have many advantages, and that is why these panels are popular. Now let’s talk about some benefits of PVC panel:

Rezistenta la Umezeala

If you have dampness in your wall, PVC panels are the most useful for you because it has the power of resisting moisture very efficiently.

Enviro n Friendly MENT

PVC panels cause no harm to the environment. Food packages are made from PVC materials. You will notice that PVC materials are also used in schools, hospitals, and so on.

Preveniți Acumularea de d Îrt

PVC panels are very helpful in case of fighting with the dirt. It has the power to prevent the accumulation of dirt. PVC panels are elementary to clean. You just need to wipe after using some days.

Their maintenance is very easy. So, if you don’t have enough time to clean your home very frequently, you can definitely install PVC panels in your home.

Probleme de Rugină

This is one of the most significant advantages of using PVC panels. They don’t rust. So, you can use them in any external places.


They also provide insulation. If your place is too cold, it will help you have a good temperature and ultimately good weather in your house.


PVC panels are recyclable. So, you can get plastic recycling facilities from an old one.


You will get different types and colors of PVC panels for your home. You will get a huge option here for choosing the best one for you.

These are mainly the most significant advantages of PVC bathroom panels. Besides, this one is a finished surface. So, you don’t need to do paint or designing after installing them. That is why it can definitely be one of your choices.

Dezavantajele Panourilor din PVC

The disadvantages of PVC paneling is very few if we think about the advantages. It offers exciting and useful features at the same time, and it is very easy to install. Most importantly, it is environment-friendly.

Let’s check out those:

Având Zgârieturi

It has very big chances of having scratches very easily. So, you have to use them very carefully.

Durabilitate mai Mică

When you are screwing or nailing, if it does wrong, you will not be able to do it in the same hole again. It is less durable. After using it for some years, it is better to change them and replace them with some new ones for having the best services.


Well, in this article, we have given the easiest way to PVC bathroom paneling. Maybe your bathroom is the smallest room in your home but one of the most important ones. It would be best if you kept it always clean and refreshing. Using PVC bathroom panels is one of the best ways to have a beautiful and fresh bathroom. You are on the right track because you choose this way.

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