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metal railing | contructiicivile
metal railing | contructiicivile
metal railing | contructiicivile

Metal railing

The metal railing is an essential part of your home and works for both security and decoration. We have hundreds of attractive designs for the metal railing and you can customize the desired design for the metal railing. Our company has more than fifteen (15) years of practical experience in metal railing services in Bucharest, Romania.

metal railing | contructiicivile

Proposal & Contract

Metal railing projects are slightly different than regular projects. The customer can choose the type of metal they want to use for their railing. After the initial discussion for the project, we present different types of metal railing options for customers. Based on their choice, we develop the proposal together with the design options.

Once the proposal is confirmed, we will move on to the contractual contract phase. The decision of the type of metal for the railing is more critical, because the quality and strength of the railing depend on the choice of metal. Once everything was decided, then the budget, the price of the product, everything was negotiated and established on the contract paper.


Once the proposal and the contract will be made between the client and, then our team will contact the necessary materials. After completing the installation and preparation, they will begin the process of installing the metal railing. We have the best team in Bucharest for the installation of the metal railing. Their quality of work will certainly satisfy our customers, because we understand how customers want to see the look of their home.

metal railing | contructiicivile

Project delivery

project delivery

After completing the installation process, our inspection team investigates the project and checks everything manually. If I receive something that needs to be corrected, then inform the respective project manager so that I can complete it the project. Once everything is complete, then we perform a final inspection and finalize the delivery date. Our client will receive notification of the delivery date and all instructions for receiving his project.

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