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Homes and businesses

Home service is one of the terms parents consists of different types of household services. It includes household repair services, construction repair services, electrical repair services and the list goes on. On the other hand, business-based services are related to business materials repair services, business infrastructure repair services, and so on.

Both services require professionals to deal with, because without them, the service can also bring complications, in some cases, severe damage to your property. Business and business services experts are specially trained in related services. They understand customer requirements and how to do the job correctly.

At Constructiicivile, we have the best experts in home and business services for our clients. Our team has been reliably providing award-winning business and home services for over fifteen (15) years in this industry. We have hundreds of positive and sincere reviews about our services from real customers. Let's take a look at our service process.

Proposal & Contract

Based on our previous service experience, understanding the nature of the work and the client's requirements is the hardest work. In order to facilitate the process for the client and for us, in the first formal meeting, we discuss the requirements and the scope of the project with the client. It will help us understand the setting of the project landmarks, as well as the development of the project plan. We have the best in-house project planners who develop plans for all our projects and the teamwork chain.

We believe in proper planning, and teamwork is the key to success for a project. Most of the time, clients are directly connected to projects for home and business services. After finishing the first meeting with the client, we prepare an appropriate proposal for the project, in which we mention every tiny detail related to the project. It makes our proposal unique and understandable for our customers.

After preparing the project proposal, we send it to the client for examination. Sometimes customers have needed some customizations and other relevant changes or added some new stuff. Then we complete the proposal according to the final requirements of the customers and start negotiating the price. Once the cost of the project mentioned in the plan is acceptable to both parties, then we move on to signing the contract document for the project.

The process of home and business services

We have the most modern technology for heating system jobs, and building owners are often worried about installing the heating system due to the low temperature during the snow in the winter season. Our service includes a new heating system for your building and repair or reinstall the heating system for an existing building. Here are the features of our service, they decorated our heating service to be the best for the safety of our customers. We do not compromise with the protection of our customers, because they are the soul of our business. Here are some of the facts that prove to be the best heating service provider for you.

Now that home services are different than business services, the service process may differ from one another. Home services are usually operational when at least one person is present at home. On the other hand, business or business services need officials to be present at the project site to check the progress of the work in a professional manner. However, our team is fully responsible for doing all the work related to the project. Upon completion of the project, the manager will prepare the report and request an on-site inspection visit.

home and business

Project delivery

project delivery

After obtaining the required inspection, the inspection team will visit the site and inspect the works according to the previously signed agreement. If they find unfinished jobs or errors in any part of the tasks, then they will make a complete report and send it back to the project manager and tell them to rectify them as soon as possible.

After obtaining the rectification notice, the project manager will complete the review work as soon as possible and will send the final report to the inspection team. The inspection team will examine their report and provide them with the CNP and send the report with a delivery request to the project delivery department. The project delivery team will prepare all formal documents and send the notification to management and the client so that they can review the project.

Once the customer is satisfied with the work, then the final payment will be made. Then the client will agree to take delivery of the project. We will arrange a small ceremony to hand over the project.

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