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Industrial cleaning / Disaster cleaning

Industrial cleaning refers to the process of cleaning factories, plants, compounds for industrial buildings, product spaces, general surfaces, warehouses and large-scale power plants. On the other hand, disaster cleaning refers to flood cleaning, fire cleaning and natural disaster cleaning for different places.

Each of them needs specialized training in the cleaning process in a large space like them. Training is essential because the large-scale industry contains heavy machinery, mechanical devices, harmful liquids, destructive materials that can harm people without any precaution. Without proper safety management during the cleaning process, you can cause damage to these machines as well as members of the entire cleaning team.

At Constructiicivile, we have the best industrial cleaning team and disaster cleaning team working in various industries on a large scale, as well as the places of those damaged in disasters. The quality of our services is the best in Bucharest. With more than fifteen (15) years of experience, our team members are now confident as well as able to work in any circumstance.

Proposal & Contract

The industrial cleaning and disaster cleaning booth must be professionally managed. After contacting the client, we set up an initial meeting and discussed the requirements along with details of the scope of the cleaning project.

After the end of the first meeting, we prepare a detailed proposal for the client in which all aspects, terms and conditions and specifications of cleaning materials with the specific price quotation are mentioned. We then send it to the client for review, and he will examine the proposal. After a few more negotiated discussions, once both parties reach a standard agreement, then our team will prepare the agreement paper / contract paper for the project.

The contract paper contains all the details related to the scope of work, agreements, time period, price quotations, payment cycle, payment method, etc. Once the document is ready, both parties have signed the agreement paper, then we will start the process of initiating the project.

Industrial / disaster cleaning process

At the beginning, I gave you a brief description of industrial cleaning or disasters. Now, after signing the contract paper and completing all the official documents, our team will arrive on the project site with all the equipment along with other chemicals. You should understand that the industrial and disaster cleaning process needs different types of cleaning chemicals to make the work more efficient.

Our service works according to some basic rules, proper planning, breakdown of work and teamwork. It gives us the reputation that today, we are famous as the best provider of industrial cleaning services on the market.

There are different parts of an industry or disaster that need to be cleaned up properly. We must also complete the project as soon as possible. Our team is very capable of doing this because they have experience in industrial cleaning work for a long time.

Upon completion of the cleaning process, the project manager will notify the inspection team to inspect the project and proceed with delivery. Then, the inspection team starts the inspection process of their entire work and finds out the defects if there is something or if an improvement is needed, then they report it to the project manager with a final report with all the necessary corrections on the site.


The project manager then rectifies all these problems and notifies the inspection team again. The inspection team then completes the inspection and sends a NOC to the project delivery department.

Project delivery

project delivery

After the project department delivers the NOC, they proceed to the delivery of the project and initiate all the necessary documents and the formal project submission procedure. After preparing the delivery documents, the authority and the client both receive a notification for the delivery of the project. Delivery date decided on the basis of the contract paper. The client checks every corner of the project that we have completed according to the agreement. After the client satisfies the project, then we organize a small ceremony for the delivery of the project. Later in that ceremony, our management handed the project over to the client.

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