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Concrete House Foundation

The concrete foundation for a building is one of the most important structural parts. If the foundation of your building is weak, then the whole construction process as well as the final structural production will suffer. Building or installing a concrete foundation for houses can be difficult if you have not hired an experienced construction service provider. We have been offering installation or construction services for Beton House for more than fifteen (15) years. Our concrete foundation service includes,

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The standard working process of the concrete foundation service of our house

We have an integrated work process for each of our services to maintain standard quality. Below you will find brief details about them.

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Initiation and proposal

Our journey with the client begins with an initial discussion of the project and the submission of an informal proposal to complete the client's requirements. It is essential for a construction service provider, because, based on demand, they will decide the additional stages of the project.

Consult and contract

After the discussion and the initial proposal, we consult with our client and complete all the requirements. Our goal is to consult with the client to understand and announce the goals and complexities of the project. It includes the design and construction of both, if any customer wants to take over only the construction service from us, then this is possible and. When everything reaches a negotiation condition, we make a formal contract with the client for a certain project.

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Price mark

After concluding the project contract, fixing the project prices is the next essential thing to do. We believe in a quality service within the minimum investment. During the contract period, we do not set the price, because in any construction project there are several changes during the construction process. We establish a standard unit pricing policy so that any changes come so that the additional cost can be easily adjusted to the budget. The payment system and methods are also included in the price offer section.

Contractor selection

At Constructiicivile, we deal with hundreds of construction contractors that provide services on our platform. We will present the best suppliers to our customers that they will choose according to their preferences. We do not influence any customer to select any contractor, so they can choose the best of the best.

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After we finish everything, we go for construction. Our construction process is much more modern than other platforms or suppliers, as we follow a chain of command throughout the construction period. Our contractors will not report directly to the client, but the client can observe the growth of their project by visiting the project website whenever he wishes.

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Project delivery

After the completion of the construction of the project, we deliver the project in accordance with all the processes mentioned in the contract document. Therefore, there is no point in neglecting the progress of the project during the construction process. Our system tracks every improvement, growth, including all other aspects relevant to the project, and our client will be notified each time with the full follow-up report.

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