Tile installation

installing floor tile | contructiicivile.ro
installing floor tile | contructiicivile.ro
installing floor tile | contructiicivile.ro

Tile installation

Tiles are one of the most significant parts of a beautiful house or corporate building. The correct installation of the tiles is very essential, because a faulty installation of the tiles can bring you a lot of unwanted stress in life. For your project, you need to hire the most experienced and the best tile installation service provider. They will provide you with a service that will be long lasting and relatively cost effective.
Example of tiles that we install for our customers:

floor tile | contructiicivile.ro

The standard working process of our flooring installation service

At Constructiicivile, our contractors are the best in their services. We are dealing with them on behalf of both parties to make a legitimate deal between the two. To ensure the quality of the service, we have built a standard work process that everyone likes.

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After contacting the client, we organize an initial meeting to discuss the project in detail. We offer to submit a project proposal from Contractiicivile. However, the client examines the proposal and then settles the negotiation.

Consultation and Contract

After reviewing the proposal, the final consultation, then we enter the discussion part of the project: the design and the construction process, including the contract on the budget and payment methods. We focus on the decision of each aspect before the final agreement, so that there is no misinformation left behind.

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Price mark

The budget for a tile project is one of the most important parts of a construction project and is variable. Therefore, we consider not to design the price offers as a whole. Instead, we are divided into a unified system for each article of the entire paper. Subsequently, it helps to adjust the budget for any additional customization from the client.



Once the final price and contract are made, then the operation takes place. We designate a team of experts and experienced for the installation of tiles. We have a tracking system in which we update every progress in real time to our customers. It helps them get an idea of the quality of our services. However, they can visit the project at any time to see the progress or any discussion.


After completing the work, we conduct an in-depth investigation to identify any discrepancies between customer requirements and our service. If there is, then we solve the problem and deliver the project based on the delivery time mentioned in the contract document.

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