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Interior / Exterior

The interior / exterior can bring a classic and dynamic view of the house or work space. We have both residential and corporate indoor / outdoor services for homeowners and business owners. We have the best interior design team to design all our interior and exterior projects. Remember, the interior of your home is about improving your life experience according to your lifestyle. It brings the light of peace into your home, and living in that house will make you happy in your mind.

A superb interior / exterior design and installation requires proper planning, including the use of quality materials. At Constructiicivile, we have the best team of interior / exterior installations working in different projects.

Proposal & Contract

The interior / exterior design for a house depends on the choice of the owner of the house. However, you can always use an expert recommendation from professional interior designers. After connecting with the client, we organize the first formal meeting with the client, so that we can discuss the details of the project, as well as the client's requirements.

During the meeting, we discuss the project objectives, material requirements, budgetary recommendations, as well as design concepts. After discussion, we develop a proposal for the client and submit it for examination. For the most part, our proposal contains the unit price for each product and the service tariffs for indoor and outdoor installations. Design costs and material costs may vary depending on the design. In interior and exterior projects, more materials must be produced mainly for project demand. Therefore, some of the materials we need to develop, as well as a manufacture for that specific project.

Now, once the client completes the review process and agrees to work with us, then the proposal goes to the contracts department, and they develop a contract paper to sign. Both parties then sign the project contract, and then the project design part is initiated.


Design and approval

An interior / exterior project must be based on the measurement of the project. Usually, we receive a constructive and architectural plan of the project to develop the design according to the location of the project. We discuss some of our design concepts to understand customers' design choices and it's useful because the customer can show us customization and improvements.

Customers can also recommend us if they want an extension of the concept, as well as share the concept with our designers. In addition, our designers will meet the client once they have developed the project plan and will allow the client to decide whether to choose it or not. Completing the design requires a lot of effort and discussions with the client.

Our designers are very friendly with their customers in terms of their services, so customers can share their thoughts on exactly how they are trying to get from the interior design of the house or commercial space. You don't have to worry about design so much because during the project you can change plans to one level.

Indoor / outdoor service process

Once the design is decided, our official documents will start and will be completed as soon as possible. When the documentation part is completed, the team will arrive at the project with all the necessary equipment and other materials. After successfully completing the project, the team will prepare the site to make it functional. Once the team completes the preparation of the site, then the team will start the interior works according to the draft contract and agreement.

During the project, if there are customization needs, then the client will contact the project coordinator and mention the part where the customization will take place. After receiving the customization request, our designers will review the design and adjust it with the new customization.

Once the project work is completed, the project manager will ask the inspection team to visit and inspect the project. The inspection team will then arrive at the site and investigate based on the agreement. After that, they will make a report and send it to the project manager. Now the project manager will go through all the recommendations and corrections, then the team will rectify all the corrections, then will inform the inspection team.

Now, at this point, the inspection team will visit the site together with the client to inspect the project. The client will check all the details according to the project contract and the request for subsequent customization. If everything is fine, then the inspection team sends the notification to the project manager.

interior services process

Project delivery

project delivery

After obtaining the client's confirmation that the client has approved the project, the delivery department will prepare the project documents for delivery. After completing the documents, they will notify the management and the client about the delivery date, based on the contract paper. There will be a small ceremony to deliver the project to the client.

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