Thermal insulation

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Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is an essential part of the industrial construction of buildings. Expert hands are needed to design and develop the entire project. The distribution of the network is necessary, and our experts are the most recognized in Bucharest. We have more than thirteen (13) years of practical experience in installing thermal insulation.

Every industrial and commercial building owner must install thermal insulation for their building. Thermal insulation helps to control the internal temperature of the building from external heat. In commercial or industrial buildings, more materials are needed to keep at a certain temperature. Otherwise, the materials may be damaged.

The process of installing thermal insulation begins with the design of the network system and the development of product requirements. The network is essential; it must be done in such a way that the temperature of each corner of the building can be controlled by thermal insulation.


Our thermal insulation service includes complete design, development, network design and distribution, supply of materials together with complete logistical support. We also have customized thermal insulation installation services, so that customers can choose comfortably according to their preferences.

There are several types of thermal pipe installations within the thermal insulation service, where we provide pipe processing, refrigeration pipes, sewer pipes, hot water heating pipes, as well as all other industrial pipe systems.

thermal insulation

Applications of our thermal insulation service

  • Pipes and fittings
  • turbines
  • Pipeline systems
  • Processing equipment
  • Solar installations
  • Cisterns and vessels
  • Exhaust systems
  • Coal and gas
  • cryogenic
  • biomass
  • Noise reduction
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Air pollution control equipment
  • Steam ovens and generators
  • Switches and capacitors

Features of our thermal insulation service

If you are looking for the best thermal insulation service provider, then we are the best choice for you, because we offer the most valuable service installation in the industry right now in Bucharest. We included some of the energy with the highest R value and obtained the highest ratings in the industry.

  • We use the best quality materials
  • Constructiicivile has the best expert installation team
  • Our designers are the best designer of thermal insulation networks in Bucharest.
  • We use the best thermal insulation technology
  • The quality of our services is above the fence compared to others in the industry.
  • The technology used can lead to the highest heat.
  • We have the most affordable price for both industrial and commercial buildings.
thermal insulation

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