Roof mounting

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Roof mounting

Roof mounting is essential for any type of building, as you need it to set up solar panels for your building. You need to get the assistance of a professional to mount your roof for any purpose you want. A simple mistake during the assembly process can lead to a horrible experience both mentally and financially.

Constructiicivile has the best roof installation expert in Bucharest. The team has more than twelve (12) years of experience in doing this. We use the most modern technology for roof mounting projects.

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Proposal & Contract

Usually, roof mounting projects receive special treatment at the Constructiicivile platform. The reason is that it is very critical and we do not want our customer to get confused from the installation on the rood. During the first formal meeting with the customer, we explain the process and the variation of quality, including products, technology, after-sales services, as well as other features for the roof mounting service.

The proposal also includes prices or each item we will use in the project. We offer the unit price with service costs, so that customers can identify the real costs of the product to compare them with the market price. We do not do business with products that we do not manufacture. The customer will also receive the payment method to understand the payment cycle during the project.

After obtaining all the required information, we prepare a proposal for the clients' project and send it for review and completion. Initially, they examine the project proposal and give us feedback with their recommendation or personalization. After several customizations of the project properties and negotiations with the price and payment method, they accept the proposal and send us a letter of acceptance.

Once the client accepts the proposal, we start preparing the contract process. The contract paper includes the value of the budget. It consists of the budget breakdown, together with the unit prices of the products. After completing several formal documents, both parties sign the contract document.

Roof installation work

Once both parties sign the contract, preparation will begin for the start of the physical installation of the roof mounting. However, there is some work related to the selection of the team, and the planning of the operation will be done as soon as possible. After completing that document, the team will arrive on the project site along with all the equipment they need.

The best roof mounting team will work on your project, as our experts are the most reputable roof mounting service provider in Bucharest. The best project planners will design your project plan so that the result of your project will satisfy you.

We have a real-time project progress tracker for each project, so we can update the client regularly about the project. I can also visit the site at any time; one of our inspection team will be with the customer. So that our team can answer all the client's questions for projects.

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Project delivery

project delivery

Upon completion of the project, the project manager will send an initial report to the inspection team. Then the inspection will visit the site and will carefully inspect the project, as well as a list of all errors that need to be corrected. The inspection team will send the error report to the project manager, and the team will rectify the errors as soon as possible.

After all rectification, the project manager will send the final report to the inspection team, and they will inspect the project again. If they do not find problems in the project, then they will send the NOC to the project delivery department. The project delivery team will then prepare all the necessary steps and send the delivery date along with instructions to the client. The project will be delivered to the client according to the delivery date mentioned on the contract paper, by organizing a small ceremony.

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