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Walls / Ceilings / floors

Walls, ceilings and floors are three significant parts of a construction project. If you are the owner of the building, then you need to know that their construction process must be done carefully. Only professional experts do this properly. The process requires proper planning, quality materials, as well as proper execution.

At Constructiicivile, our service includes planning, design, construction and painting for each item mentioned above. We have the best team of experts for walls, ceilings and engineers and technicians for flooring in the house. The best thing about our platform is that you don't have to worry about anything, but to observe and deliver your project on time.

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Proposal & Contract

After contacting the client, our first step is to arrange a meeting and discuss the project goals and client requirements. We understand that there are several aspects in which the client will discuss and share his needs. Especially in terms of painting, materials, the quality of the ceiling is their main concern, so we listen to them first. Our experts will then suggest the best solution and present the entire strategy for the project.

After the first meeting, we will prepare the proposal and send it to the client for examination. The client will receive the proposed project and will contact us if they want to reconsider or add anything else to the project. The proposal will also include budgeting the project based on the client's request.

The client will start negotiating the project budget with us until he makes an appropriate decision. Once they agree on an acceptable amount from the project budget, then they will be ready to agree to the project. Our budgeting strategy is simple; we calculate everything that the unit means and, in addition, the cost of the service. It helps the customer understand how much the product costs and the cost of the service. It makes the negotiation process much easier than any other strategy.

Once they agree to all the terms and conditions, then the contract process begins and both parties sign the contract document. The project contract consists of each item that is involved in the project anyway.

The process of servicing walls / ceilings / floors

The processes of the three services above have similar working strategies, such as the construction process and then the painting process. After the contract is signed between both parties, the operation team will work on the team that will work on the project and send them to the project.

Once the team gets to the project, they will start preparing the site without wasting time. Our team understands the urgency and time frame of the project. They will always try to complete the work ahead of time, so that our clients can prepare their projects as soon as possible.

We have a built-in work tracker in which project managers perfectly update the progress of the project in real time. It helps us to identify the speed of work and we can take the necessary steps to complete the project ahead of schedule.

Once the project is completed, the project manager submits an initial project completion report and sends it to the inspection team. We have several reliable inspection teams that investigate projects and generate a report to find any complexity or incomplete work or not.

When the inspection team receives the report, it visits the site and verifies the project based on the project contract. They find out every tiny detail if there are mistakes or portions that need to be made again for perfection.

Once the project manager receives the rectification report, he / she sends a team to fix the problem. After correcting all corrections, they send the final inspection request, and this time, the inspection team comes with the client.

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Project delivery

project delivery

If the client accepts the work, then the inspection team reports that the project is ready for delivery. The delivery department prepares all the necessary documents for the delivery of the project to the client.


Upon completion, they send a notification to both management and the client to participate in the delivery program. We will organize a small ceremony in honor of our client and we will receive the project delivered from Constructiicivile. We respect our customers; that's why we don't want to miss any opportunity to show our love and respect for our customers.

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