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the painting

Residential building or commercial building; painting is one of the essential parts for both of us. painting a surface or a wall is a little critical and sensitive if you can't do it properly, then the inside and outside of the house can look great. A group of professional painters can help you do it right. Constructiicivile has the best experts and a team of experienced painters in Bucharest. Our team has more than fifteen (15) years of practical experience in interior house painting, exterior house painting and commercial painting projects.

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Proposal & Contract

The painting project consists of different phases; During the initial business meeting with the client, we let them choose the desired colors for different parts of their building. We have paint experts who help them understand the importance of color, as well as the effect of painting on improving the life experience. According to their requirement, we then develop a proposal consisting of all relevant information about the painting project.

After a few meetings with the client, a common reason takes place, and the price negotiation starts on both sides. During the proposal and contract process, there are several phases. Once everything has been resolved, the formal paper sign for the contract takes place.

Completing the painting

Once the contractual contract is signed between both parties, our painting team arrives at the client's project with the necessary equipment. Initially, the crew prepares the surface for painting, and then they give the initial coat. You should know that there are several coatings of pain before the final coat of paint on the surface.

Our team will provide you with the best painting service because you will be satisfied with the look of your building. We believe in customer satisfaction in terms of quality painting services. We have a real-time work tracker that will provide real-time work report to our customers.

In addition, our inspection team will monitor each stage of the project. The client can visit at any time to observe the progress of the work in person. The project manager will inform us everything about the project and we will discuss it to give the possible solution for the situation.

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project delivery

Once the project manager has submitted the project completion report for review, our inspection team visits the project and inspects each part of the project. If our team notices errors or needs customization, then the inspection team informs the respective project managers to fix the problems. They are supervised to prepare the project for final submission.

Once the inspection team issues the NOC and sends it to the delivery department, then we inform our customer about the delivery date according to the agreement paper. There are some special formal papers on paper before handing over the project to the client. After all the work done, the handing over of the project takes place with a small ceremony.

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