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Plaster is required for each building and protects the building from damage. However, we are experts in plastering walls, repairing cracked walls and plastering damaged surfaces. Without plastering the building, it can be damaged by the impact on the environment.

We have more than sixteen (16) years of practical experience in plaster work in various types of plaster projects. Our team of experts is the best construction expert who has hundreds of positive customer reviews.

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Proposal & Contract

Before sending the proposal for the plaster works, we discuss with the clients about the materials. Once the client chooses the materials for his project, we will send a proposal according to his preferences - the proposal consists of the specifications of the materials, the price offer, the payment policy, etc. After they send the project proposal to the client, they will examine the proposal and give us feedback related to their requirements. The negotiation will then take place until both parties reach a common ground or a single decision. Then, both parties will sign the contract document of the agreement for the special plaster project.

Plastering work begins

There is a special paper related to the signed document. Once completed, our plaster work team will arrive at the project with all their equipment and materials. Once they get to the project, they will prepare the place where they will apply the plasters.

The quality of our work is the best plaster service you will get in Bucharest. However, our team will use the most modern equipment to do the plastering work. The end result of our work will satisfy you, because it will look great for applying additional applications on plasters.

We have a real-time work tracker for each of our projects, so that the client and our management team can periodically obtain a progress report. We have several layers of reporting system for clients, and they can visit their project whenever they want. Our team will complete the initial project before the delivery deadline, and the project manager will send the report to our inspection team.

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Project delivery

project delivery

Once the inspection team receives the initial completion report, it will visit the project and examine each paper. They will find out any error or defect or the work needs some improvisation. Now, if they find something like that, then they will report it to the project manager, he will fix the problem and prepare the final report and send it to the inspection team.

Upon completion of the inspection and the inspection team will send the NOC report to the delivery team. The delivery team will prepare all instructions along with the delivery date and time according to the agreement. There will be a small ceremony to hand over the project to the client.

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