Turnkey house construction

Turnkey home construction services: plan your home with the construction service

Not everyone can have their own house. It may be due to a smaller plot of land, the fact that it does not get the perfect location or lack of money. But you don't have to worry, because there is a solution to this. You can move into any pre-prepared house and instead have to pay the rent. It is known as the turnkey house.

This means that you will have to turn the key and you can prepare at home. The turnkey houses are very attractive to look at. It has also become a trend in some localities or states. It is especially beneficial for those who need to change their home more often due to work or study.

So if you have land and are trying to build it like a turnkey house, you will need to contact a construction service provider.

Home Construction

Turnkey house construction services we offer

In Builders, you can get many services for the construction of turnkey houses. We provide our services for almost all turnkey homes. Turnkey home construction services are as follows:

Table And Seats

Exterior constructions

We use volcanic rocks, galvanized aluminum steel, downspouts, a semi-round rainwater system, tight joints, gutters and bracelets in the construction of the exterior.

In the windows and the main door, pvc carpentry and laminated wood carpentry will be used. All of these will have two sealing plans. Low-E 4S glass on the window with reflective film.

To protect the house from fire, white cement for gluing and gluing, putty table for duotex fiberglass mesh and basalt wool boards.

Interior constructions

We use Baumit KlimaMpi plaster or KlimaWhite plaster for the interior, pre-dosed with mechanized or manual processing. In addition, Baumit Solido E160 or Baumit Solid 225 are used for wet areas and applicable to all conventional applications.

For under the floor, a pre-dosed cement-based product will be used as a slider, float and screed. Therefore, no other additives are required.

The wall will be severely damaged in any season, as there will be Baumit KlimaFino or KlimaWhite plaster for interior plastering. And for the application to be useful, there will be Baumit KlimaPrimer. Finally, to give a unique look, Baumit KlimaDekor and Baumit KlimaColor will be decorated and painted, respectively.

Sanitary Construction

Sanitary constructions

Thinking about the comfort of our customers, below are the materials we will use so as not to offer any possibility of complaint.

  • TeraPlast PVC pipes internal sewer,
  • TeraPlast PVC pipes and fittings outdoor sewer,
  • TeraPlast external sewer holes,
  • TeraPlast PE-100RC pipe with PP additive layer,
  • Floor drains and safety drainage in the TeraPlast bathroom,
  • Uponor Decibel sound-absorbing pipe as an optional sewer,
  • Uponor UniPipePlus, corrosion-resistant and 100% anti-oxidation multilayer pipe for optional drinking water supply,
  • Optional rainwater management system.

Electrical construction

In the use of electrical constructions, you will obtain the given fittings and elements:

  • Electrical panels such as pumps, kitchen equipment and supply pumps,
  • Cables, pipes, protective tubes, switches, sockets and lighting fixtures for the installation of a light,
  • Low current installations for CCTV, TV, intercom, fire alarm, geyser and more,
  • Grounding installations,
  • Lightning protection installations to protect the house from various lightning strikes,
  • For pipes and gutters or pedestrian alleys, install an electric defrost system.
Electric Construction
Air Condition Construction

Air conditioning and heating construction

In the construction of alternating current and heating, we use the following tools:

  • Rehau PexA insulated sponge type RauthermSD17,
  • IVAR with thermostatic head and EK valve connector directly connects the Rehau pipe,
  • Rehau RauthermSD25 branch pipe for distribution columns,
  • Rehau-Varionova for underfloor heating system,
  • RAUTHERM S for the ceiling cooling system.

Why do you need turnkey home construction services?

If you want to rent your house at an attractive price, you will definitely need turnkey house building services. Without this service, people will not like to rent your house because they can find many better options. And you certainly won't want that. Therefore, before starting the construction procedure, you should talk to an expert who can give you a perfect idea. Do some research on the internet to find out about it and go through the procedure.